Saturday, August 13, 2011

"I think it’s criminal that we don’t socialize women to be direct about expressing refusal, and I know what women risk when we do express ourselves directly. I’m sorry that it makes dating and interacting with men so fraught and confusing – if we could just say “not interested, thanks” and be respected and believed and not constantly worried about personal safety and violent blowback it would be a better world."

—- Captain Awkward, “The Art of Saying No

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Why not just be enough? kinkyminx 
Tuesday, July 26, 2011
When you, or your mate, drive across the geometrically impossible expanse that is North America you become hypnotised, as the first pioneers must’ve been, by its endless possibilities. I met a cowboy near Dodge City who said,“There’s only so much horizon people can take,” meaning I suppose that some people find opportunity daunting, that limitless sky is frightening with all its scope for change and hope.

Russell Brand; “Booky Wook 2”

Note to self: when daunted, fight the fear.

I’ve found that for every person who thinks I can’t, or shouldn’t, sing or play, there is someone, usually a woman, who tells me how inspired she is by what I am doing. Inspire. The root of it means “to breathe”. Inspire originally meant to “breathe life into”. That’s a big part of what art is to me: inspiring others, and being inspired by others. I love it, I get to be part of it, both giving and receiving. I would never have made it to this place without facing my fears, processing the past, and playing through a lot of trials from both without and within. That is why I would say to all girls and women, including myself, who want to play or perform, and who feel hesitant, fearful, or discouraged: DO IT. DON’T GIVE UP. Play the way YOU want to play, write how you want to write, and record how YOU want to record. Give yourself permission to experiment, and to devote energy to music. You have the right to be up on stage, you have the right to use your voice, you have the right to channel your creativity through music. Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise. How I Learned to Play Guitar

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011
YOU, FEMALE LIVING PERSON, ARE RESPONSIBLE… …to quit the derogatory usage of “slut” and “whore” and other unsuccessfully reclaimed words. I’m revolted by how many of my friends say “slut” and suchlike to describe females who dress or behave badly; females whom their boyfriends/crushes find attractive; females of whom they’re irrationally jealz. Here’s a recent, true-life usage, as remembered from my BBM: “I was called up on stage to make out with Usher… and then he picked some blonde whore instead.” Ew. Ew ew ew. How old are you, first of all? Old enough to have seen Mean Girls more than once? I’ve got nothin’ Tina Fey hasn’t already said. Learn it.

Women’s responsibilities

Part of this was quite problematic, but other parts of it were poignant. Worth a look for the good points.